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Home Made Dormant Oil

Dormant oil is, as it's name implies, is sprayed on a tree during the dormant stage in a trees yearly cycle. The best times to apply it are just after the leaves fall and just before the buds start to swell. The most successful time of application is in the late winter when temperatures remain between 40 and 70, Just prior to when the buds on the tree begin to swell.

    Dormant oil suffocates over-wintering pest by smothering them. It also successfully kills eggs that have been laid on the tree that are waiting for spring to hatch. IT is a very effective preventative measure.

DO NOT use during bud break or while leaves are on tree... you risk damaging the tree (trees need to breath too). Tender plants under trees should be covered.


Pressure sprayer (Will deal with this mixture better)


1 cup of food oil (vegetable oil is ok... the thicker/more viscous.. the better)
1 tablespoon of concentrated dish soap.
1 tablespoon of neem oil (optional... but adds pest fighting power)
1 gallon of water.

Making the Dormant Oil:

First mix the oils and the soap. Then add the mixture to the water and mix thoroughly. IT is much more easy to mix in the pump sprayer... you can screw on the lid and just shake vigorously.

How to use Dormant Oil:

Shake dormant oil mixture. Completely cover each dormant tree, continue to shake to container to ensure even coverage.

Additional Information:

    Oil that has gone bad can also be used. DO NOT use any car products for your oil... use only food oils.






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