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This is a page born out of the frustration of an organic gardener who doesn't have the money to keep up with all the new organic products. We are very happy that Organic Gardening has matured enough to support such products. We are not happy that the availability of these products seems to have suppressed the traditional knowledge that lead to their formulation.

Many organic products out there today are great products that you can make in your own home. We will gladly advertise and promote the use of organic products. What we will not do is remove home made recipes that "compete" with these products.

It is our goal to make gardening organically less of a mystery. Humans have been organic gardening for thousands of years. It is in the spirit of that history that we declare the ANYONE can garden organically, even those whose budgets prevent them from obtaining many of the new products out there. Though these products do make life easier... they are not by any means a necessity.

These pages are growing and will continue to grow. We welcome any help/suggestions in gathering and organizing material on this site.



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